100 Mile Challenge - The Final Week Recap

Friday, August 27, 2010
Is the suspense too much to take? Did I do it? Did I make it to 100 miles? Read on...

Let me begin by saying that this week was tough. After I poured it on last week when I walked close to 30 miles, I just wanted to take it easy this week. But, I walked and walked. By Wednesday morning, I was ready to throw in the towel. I was 8.5 miles from reaching my goal. Isn't that close enough?

No. It's close, but it's not 100 miles. It's 91.5 miles. And so I chugged on.

And this morning, I walked my last 2 miles for a grand total of 100.32 miles!!!!

Although I knew I could do it, I came close to quitting. I had things to do that seemed like more of a priority than exercising. But in the end, I wanted to reach my goal. Had to reach my goal.

And the feeling of accomplishment and self-satisfaction is incredible. Absolutely incredible.

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