My little travelers

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Ever since my kids were babies, they've been traveling by air several times per year to Florida. We've been visiting both my sister and Walt Disney World annually since Emma was 6 months old. They love the plane ride, and lucky for me, I've never had to stress about crying and meltdowns in the air.

Here's Emma at 9 mos...her 2nd trip to Florida.

Last Thursday, we headed west to Denver, Colorado for a combination of my niece's wedding and a mini-vacation. To get the girls even more excited for the trip, we bought them their very own suitcases. Emma has wanted her own for a long time. Since checking baggage has gotten so costly, now was the perfect time to get them their own rolling suitcases that they can carry on.

Harper chose a rolling duffel bag, and Emma wanted a rolling suitcase. Both chose their own luggage tags. (All items were purchased at Target).

I tried to get a shot of them in action once we landed in Denver, but it was a bit difficult as I was hauling my own load. Excuse the blurriness of the picture.
More pics of our trip to come!

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