Denver, Part II (16th Street Mall)

Friday, August 20, 2010
I absolutely loved downtown Denver. It had that urban feel but without the sprawling population. It was funky, fun, and incredibly clean.

Prior to going to Denver, I had done some online research as well as consulted my sister-in-law. I saw a few things that interested me including the 16th Street Mall, a mile long pedestrian shopping area, complete with outdoor cafes, historic office buildings, glass-walled skyscrapers, shops, restaurants and department stores. Numerous fountains and plazas offer special events and entertainers. Although I'm not always up for some spending, I am always up for some strolling and people-watching. There was no better place than the 16th Street Mall.

The vibe was totally funky and offbeat...These brightly painted pianos were scattered throughout the mile-long strip. My girls got a kick out of playing them.

The tree-lined streets almost made me feel like I was in a European city.

The girls posed with a stuffed mascot outside of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store.

I love this cow...

You can't walk by a Pinkberry without stopping in for some frozen yogurt.

There's a multitude of outdoor cafes, a perfect spot for doing some serious people watching.

Next time you're in Denver, be sure to check out the 16th Street Mall.

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