An Artist's Rendition and Mystery Reader

Friday, April 8, 2011
Last Friday, I volunteered to be a mystery reader in Harper's preschool classroom. It was exciting for me, and and a complete surprise for her. She had absolutely no idea!

After I read the book that was chosen for me by the teachers, the children played a game, and then they were seated at the tables to do an art project. Their task: to draw something they remembered from the story and include the mystery reader somewhere in the drawing.

As the children drew their pictures, I wandered around admiring the work of the budding artists. Although they were all magnificent, one of them caught my attention. Harper's classmate and friend, Brady, is quite the Picasso. His attention to detail is envious. I don't think I'm as detail oriented as he is...even as a grown up!

This is how I was depicted by Brady.
Check me out! He captured it all: my boots, jeans, trench coat, hoop earrings, and my hair in a ponytail.  And look, he's even got me holding my camera!!!! I look better in his drawing than I do in real life!

Something tells me in 25 years, we'll all be paying big bucks to hang his artwork on our walls!

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