A Day In My Life: Wednesday

Thursday, October 13, 2011
This post was inspired by Adventuroo who is hosting a linkup for a photo diary. It can be daily or weekly. To learn more and to join in, check out the details on Adventuroo's site.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. It was school pictures day for my youngest...kinda made for a hectic morning. After I put the kids on the bus, I had an appointment for my annual mammogram. Afterwards, I squeezed in some work before heading to the orthopedic surgeon for suspected carpal tunnel in my left hand. Read on...

The scene on the bathroom vanity as we styled Harper's hair. All for a 5 year old. If I thought the whole process was bad, the clean up was worse.

In the dressing room at the medical imaging facility. I look pretty chipper, but trust me, I was stressing about the mammogram. It's nerve-racking.

On my way to Starbucks for my post-mammogram treat! I deserved it.

As I exited Starbucks, this truck was parked next to me. Couldn't resist snapping the photo. It made me smile. :)

Back home...busy, busy, busy in my makeshift office.

At 1:00 I headed to the orthopedic surgeon. Of course, on the day that I have an appointment, my symptoms were mild. As I waited in the exam room for the doctor, I snapped a few pictures of me in front of this poster. I was practically gagging over the renderings of broken leg bones. Can't even imagine seeing a real break.

As I patiently waited for the doctor to come in, I played solitaire on my phone, checked my email, deleted a bunch of messages, tweeted, etc. Every time I heard the slightest rumbling outside the door, I quickly threw my phone into my bag. I wouldn't dare be caught with the very thing that most likely caused my injury. ;-)

I learned that I am in the early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand. The doctor recommended that I wear a wrist brace when I sleep, do some hand and wrist exercises throughout the day, and pop a few B6 pills, and return in 6 weeks. I left there feeling TOTALLY old as the doctors in the practice are TOTALLY young! Don't get me wrong...I like that they are young. They are eager to prove themselves.


At 3:40 I got the kids off the bus, and they did their homework. (missed a photo opp here). Since I wasn't in the mood to cook dinner and the Hubs wasn't going to be home, I let the girls choose where they wanted to go. They picked Atlanta Bread Company. Soup on a chilly rainy night? Perfect!

We headed home where I capped off my night by diving into coupons. I clipped, sorted, and organized. I scoured Web sites for deals and made a list. Don't be jealous of my exciting night and don't judge me for enjoying a glass of wine. ;-)

Tomorrow I'm off to Wal-Mart where I hope to save big with the plethora of coupons that I clipped!

Don't forget to head over to Adventuroo to see all the fun and interesting entries. Don't you just love peeking into other people's lives? And I have to say, this project was fun. It forced me to be so much more observant of my day and my activities than I normally am. Plus, it gave me excuses to take pictures.

I am definitely going to be posting a daily diary type of thing more often. Thanks again to Mel at Adventuroo for the inspiration!

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