Deal of the Week: Olay Regenerist Cleansing Cloths

Monday, October 3, 2011
What a deal I got this morning at Target!

But first, a little explanation.

1) I'm a serial coupon clipper and user. I swear by them, and yes, I will hunt down deals so that I can combine a coupon with a store discount to get the best possible deal that I can. I am not an extreme couponer. I do not buy what I don't need and will never use. I do not stockpile either. That being said...

2) On Saturday, I attended a Girls Lunch Out event where my one of my best pals, Rebecca from Running On Empty Mommy let our table in on a little tip: Sign up for Target mobile coupons. Basically, weekly and daily deals are sent to you via text messaging. You click on a link in the text message that connects you online to Targets deals, including a QR code for in-store scanning.

Follow this link to sign up. You really must.

Yesterday morning, I received my daily deals text message and clicked on the link. I was in luck! The Olay Regenerist cleansing cloths that I've been waiting to go on sale were on sale!! Woo hoo! Target was offering $3 off of their sale price of $5.99. But wait. It gets better, if you can believe it. There was also a $3 coupon in the P&G circular in Sunday's paper. I paid minus $.01 for my cleansing cloths. Can you say steal?

Guess where I headed this morning after my annual Ob/Gyn (ugh!) exam? Yep. Straight to Target. It was my reward for enduring the annual PAP smear.

I bought the cleansing cloths and a few other things that were also on sale. And.....I stayed away from all the departments that can be so tempting. Yay me!

You're welcome!

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