Drink-U-Lator: I LOVE this app!

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Have you ever had a party and ended up with too much of one type of alcohol and not enough of another type? Like the time you had way too much beer but not enough wine? I stress over this every time I host a party. Of course, I don't mind a few extra bottles of wine hanging around the house. However, if you are on a tight budget and want to get the accurate amount of alcoholic beverages for a party, read on.

The Wine Sisterhood's Drink-U-Lator app for the iPhone and Android comes to the rescue for each and every party. You'll never disappoint your friends again. This handy calculator takes into account the number of guests and their beverage preferences. It then tells you just how much wine, beer, or spirits you'll need to have on hand to keep your guests happy.

Drink-U-Lator is super simple to use:

1. Enter to number of people who will be attending the party.

2. Choose the mix of beverages that your guests prefer to drink by clicking on wine, beer, or spirits.

3. Use the slider to pick the percentage of wine drinkers you anticipate in attendance.

Voila! Drink-U-Lator gives you a bottle by bottle breakdown for your beverage run.

Keep in mind that quanitities are guidelines. Save leftovers for your next shindig. Don't forget to be a responsible host by keeping plenty of non-alcoholic drinks accessible to your guests and providing a safe way for them to get home.

For more on Wine Sisterhood's Drink-U-Lator app, check out this video.


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