Shoulder Buddies: The New "It" Item

Friday, October 28, 2011
If you have young children, you are aware that they MUST own whatever the "hot" item of the moment is.

I first remember this occurring with Silly Bandz. Emma came home from school begging me to take her to the local pharmacy to buy some. "Everyone in school has them.", she told me. Yes, of course, everyone has them. Everyone but you, I know. So, what did we do? We schlepped to the pharmacy to buy a package of Silly Bandz. A few days later...another package or two, and this continued for months.

The Silly Bandz craze? Yep. So over it. But we've got thousands to show for the fad.

These days, apparently, the must-own items among the elementary school set are Shoulder Buddies. Take a look...

They are magnetic troll-type things that are right there with you...wherever you go.

If your kids haven't come home whining for these things, they soon will. And for $5.95 per buddy, you can own one of your very own. Thank goodness there are only 8 to choose from. I hardly need thousands of these things cluttering up my house.

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