Best Online Reads

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Here are my favorites for the week:

1. The secret to wearing high heels without any pain via WhoWhatWear.

2. A collection of French recipes that are almost better than going to France via Huffington Post.

3. How many days old are you? Wow! I'm 17,028 days old via You're Getting Old.

4. 10 manners every child should be taught via She Knows.

5. How changing your password could change your life via Huffington Post.

6. Five mistakes you are probably making at work via Business Insider.

7. A breathing exercise to help you live in the moment via Mind Body Green.

8. A recipe for homemade croutons via Gazebo Room.

9. The secret to streak-free windows via Clementine Daily.

10. The 11 best milkshakes on the Internet via Parade Magazine.

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