5 Products To Hydrate Summer Skin

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Despite summer's humidity, the season can wreck havoc on your skin. From the damaging effects of UV rays to the harsh effects of chlorine and salt water, your skin is probably in need of a little TLC by now. Keep it smooth and silky for the remainder of the summer with these 5 products.

1. For After Sun

I like to keep this lotion in the refrigerator and apply it after a day at the beach or pool. It revives your sun-kissed body and face and leaves them feeling cool, refreshed, and intensely hydrated. Contains aloe, linden, bee pollen, coconut oil, and glycerin.

2. For The Body

I've been using Mario Badescu's skincare products for years. This body lotion and the drying lotion are two of my all-time favorite skin and body products. This olive oil-based lotion is super hydrating and absorbing without being greasy and heavy. Absorbs quickly without leaving behind a residue or sticky feeling and has minimal fragrance, making it ideal for the whole family.

3. For The Lips

I've written before about my love for Smith's Rosebud Salve. There's a reason this is a cult favorite: it's so darn good, and it's a multitasker. Although designed to hydrate, protect, and heal lips, it's also good for cuticles and taming pesky eyebrow hairs. Oh yes. Go get yourself some now!

4. For The Feet

There's nothing worse than lathering up your feet with cream and putting on sandals or flip flops only to find that you are slipping all over the place. This cream is designed for nightly use. It deeply moisturizes skin and rough, cracked heels for a soft, smooth finish. I like to apply it and put on light socks to lock in the moisture overnight.

5. For All-Purpose

If you plan on investing in only one skincare product this summer (and winter), make it this one. You can use coconut oil for everything...including brushing your teeth! It's a skin hydrator. It's a makeup remover. Add a little sugar to it, and it becomes an exfoliator. You can use it as hair conditioner. It's the beauty miracle.

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