Beach Movies at Jenkinson's Pavillion #JenksAmbassador

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Every once in a while it's fun to do something you've never done or rarely ever do. On Friday night we did just that. Normally, we lay low on Friday nights here at the Jersey shore. Most restaurants are packed with visitors and tourists, and the long waits to eat just simply aren't worth it.

Rather than get stuck in an overcrowded restaurant for hours, we headed to Jenkinson's Pavillion for the Friday night beach movies. I was apprehensive of the crowds. When you live at the beach, you're smart enough to know not to go near the tourist spots on the weekends for fear of large crowds and lack of parking. But Disney's "Frozen" was the featured movie, and we really wanted to experience it on the beach under the moon and stars. It took us only 5 minutes to find a parking spot, and the crowds were tolerable.

It was an ideal night for a movie under the moon.

Each Friday during the summer, Jenkinson's hosts a family movie night starting at 9 pm. A huge inflatable screen is erected on the beach and moviegoers gather around it for the show.

People bring beach chairs, big blankets, and snacks. You claim your spot in the sand and then you spread out your stuff and settle in for the movie. We brought typical movies snacks such as popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, Goobers, and Sno-Caps. I loved that people were bringing whole pizzas down from the boardwalk and that everyone was throughly kicking back and enjoying the experience.

We found a great spot up front. I worried about the noise level, but it wasn't too loud at all. If you are concerned about getting a good spot, get there by 8:00 and bring some sand toys for the little ones to keep them distracted until the movie starts.

We had a great view and a great time.

We can't wait to go back for another beach movie. For a complete list of dates and movies, click here.

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