Hostess Gift Ideas

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Whether you are heading to friend's house for an informal barbecue or you are going for a formal dinner party, a hostess gift is always a thoughtful gesture.

Here are a few suggestions for gifts that I like to give (and receive) when either attending or hosting a get together.

1. Fresh Flowers
I love giving and receiving fresh flowers as a hostess gift. Go a step further and place them in a pretty vase or a simple Mason jar so that the hostess doesn't have to take the time to do it during her party.

One of my favorite online ordering sites is You can get more info on and read my review of Bouqs here. In short, the flowers are AMAZING! Most bouquets cost $40 and the flowers are cut the day that you order them so they stay fresh longer.

I love the Boom bouquet.

Take a look at the Bouqs selection and get 15% off your first order here.

2. A Designer Candle
Most people won't splurge on such an item, and that's why it makes a fantastic gift. These candles are quite an indulgence, but they are so worth it. The scents are unbelievable and they last forever (50-60 hours).

My favorite is the Diptyque Feu De Bois candle. It's a woodsy scent that works for cold and warm months.

3. An Interesting or Unique Serving Piece
You can never have too many serving dishes. And one that strikes up a conversation is even better. A few years when we visited Maine, we bought a lobster platter that inevitably becomes a conversation piece at our parties.

This botanical flower serving platter from Mikasa would definitely do the trick.

4. A Pair of Nice Salad Servers
I know this sounds weird, but trust me, it's a great gift. Very few people have a nice pair of salad servers. I've been to dinner parties where a meat fork and a large serving spoon have been used to serve salad. At another party, a meat tongs intended for grilling was used. Treat your hostess to a nice pair of salad servers. She'll thank you.

I love the look of these wooden serving hands.

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