Let's Chat: I Want To Be In 7th Grade Again

Monday, September 15, 2014
I attended Emma's back to school night last week. I always find BTS nights informative especially at the middle school level. The night started out in her homeroom where parents receive copies of the children's schedules and then they make their way, in much the way the kids do, from class to class starting at period 1 and ending at period 10.

I like how we experienced a typical day (although on a time constrained schedule) of our child. We spent 10 minutes in each elective class, and 20 minutes for double period classes. Anyway....

Her classes this year sound so interesting. I want to be in 7th grade again! She's taking Italian. It's an introductory class, but there's nothing like learning a new language to give you a little freedom and insight into the world.

In Science, they'll be exploring genetics and doing several dissections. In Social Studies, they will be learning all about ancient cultures and how we've evolved into the society we are today.

In Language Arts, they will read 4 novels, and they'll be doing lots of different types of writing. I've already looked into the 4 novels, and they sound wonderful. I can't wait to read along with her.

And in Math, well, math is math. I'm not a math person. So, excuse me for not getting all excited over number crunching. But Emma loves math. All those fractions, integers, whole numbers, and word problems truly excite her. I can't even.

I wish I had the thirst for knowledge when I was in 7th grade that I now have. I wish I had looked forward to reading the novels as much as I do now. I dreaded science class and was always wondering why I needed to know how to dissect an earthworm. Today, I find it intriguing and interesting.  If only I could go back to 7th grade.

Well, I plan to. I am going to follow along with Emma this year. I'll read her science materials and history book. I've already downloaded her 4 assigned novels to the Kindle. As for math, well, she's on her own there. I'm up for a challenge, but that's not one I can muster the strength to deal with.

I've got to go. I have some science reading to do.

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