Big Things To Consider Before A Bathroom Makeover

Thursday, September 24, 2015
After kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations are the most popular and offer a high return on your investment. Updating the design of your bathroom can breathe a new freshness into the room, something bathrooms often need. Just as renovating any room in your house, bathrooms are unique.

I recently chatted with my friend Allison who is an interior designer who helps her clients make the best decisions for home renovations from kitchens to bedrooms to bathrooms. She shared advice for the readers of Pieces of a Mom on those items to focus on.
Focus On The Necessary Bathroom Features 
There are certain things you must have in a bathroom for it to be a bathroom. Otherwise, it’s just another random room in your house. Those items are a bathtub or shower (or possibly both), a toilet, and a sink and vanity. It’s important to remember that you’ll probably need to get a plumber in to help install all these features. But, your main concern will be with what you want and their designs and how they fit and flow together in the room. Pay attention to the scale of the room. You want to be sure you don't select items that are too big or too small for the room. Everything should be perfectly proportioned.

Decide On Bathroom Tile Design
Whether you are using tiles for the flooring or for the walls, they are a stylish and practical option. They are easy to clean and stand up well to water and moisture. You can find so many different tile designs to fit almost any style bathroom. From small subway style tiles to large tiles to decorative one, you'll be amazed by the selection once you start looking and narrowing down your options.

Get The Lighting Right
A key part of your bathroom renovation will be the lighting. Keep in mind if you have windows that allow natural light during the day. Bathrooms require both high light and low light. Installing a dimmer switch to control light levels can be beneficial. Having a dimly lit bathroom sets the perfect mood for a relaxing bath time, but having ample light for applying makeup is also a must. Also, consider having mirror lights in your bathroom, to brighten up your reflection in the morning.

Add Extras
Adding decorative touches will pull the room together and give it a cohesive look. Towels, glass storage jars, candles, and wall art are essential for creating a beautiful and serene bathroom.

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