Easy Bathroom Upgrades To Do In a Weekend

Friday, September 25, 2015
Yesterday, I shared a few expert tips on getting started on a major bathroom renovation. But what if you're not ready to take on a large-scale renovation project but would rather make a few small changes and upgrades? A weekend is the perfect occasion to carve out some time to make a few necessary cosmetic changes to the bathroom. They'll make a big impact but won't take up much of your time.

Here are few upgrades to consider:

Add a vanity dresser
I’ve always wanted my own vanity dresser; you know, a place where I can sit down and relax to do my hair and makeup and get everything just right. I have a storage stand where I currenly keep my makeup and favorite beauty products, but it would be the perfect spot for a vanity. I can just see my sitting there with my latte, my music, and all my makeup sprawled out in front of me. There are all sorts of unique bathroom vanities out there, and they are the perfect way to add character and function to the bathroom.

Add vintage storage solutions
I love pieces that have tons of character, such as vintage wire baskets and shelving units. The best place to find unique items is flea markets, local thrift shops and vintage stores. I am always on the lookout for clever and practical storage solutions. Remember, it's the accessories and extras that make the room.

Add a fresh coat of paint
Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best. A fresh coat of paint will completely transform a bathroom, and gave it a whole new ambience.  Choose a color that will highlight the features such as your floor, tile, and sink vanity. Think about the vibe you want to achieve and choose a color that will bring it to life.

Add Soft Lighting
I had never given much thought to the lighting in my bathroom. But, making a few small changes to fixtures and bulbs can make a huge difference in the ambience of the room. Avoid harsh over head lighting and go for subtle fixtures on the walls or by the mirror instead. Adding candles will create a soft glow.

Add Mirrors
The bathroom is typically the smallest room in the house, so you’ve got to work hard to make the most of it. Mirrors will really help bring the room to life by reflecting the natural light, making the room feel airy and spacious. Make use of the back of the door by hanging a full length mirror there to conserve wall space. Mirrors are your best friend, especially when working with a small space.

A few hours on the weekend is all you need to transform your bathroom from blah to ta-da!

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