What To Watch On Netflix NOW

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
There's ALWAYS something to watch on Netflix. Whether you love an educational documentary or need a distraction in the form of a rom-com, Netflix delivers. For those with a longer attention span or lots of binge-watching time on your hands, you can dive into a several-season show. For those who don't want to make the commitment to delve into several seasons of a show, you can certainly enjoy a blockbuster hit, a documentary, or a one-off hit TV show.

Since wrapping up watching 90210 (the re-make based on the Beverly Hills 90210), which was quite a commitment since it was five seasons, I've been jumping back and forth from movies to documentaries to short TV shows.

Here are a few of the Netflix movies and shows that I've thoroughly enjoyed recently.

Flaked (original Netflix series/1 season)
I'm a sucker for any show set in southern California. Flaked takes place in Venice Beach and follows the everyday struggles and personal insights of Chip (played flawlessly by Will Arnett). Chip is one of those characters who you can't decide if you love or hate, but either way, you'll find yourself rooting for him.

Bloodline (original Netflix series/1 season. Season 2 to premier May 26)
Get on this show NOW before the second season starts later this month. You'll want to give yourself enough time to get through all the episodes in the first season so that you can jump right in to season 2. Bloodline is set in the picturesque keys of Florida, but life is often anything but for the Rayburn family. Pillars of their community, this family has deep, dark secrets that slowly come to light and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Copenhagen (movie)
I'm sensing a pattern here with gorgeous scenery! In this coming-of-age movie set in beautiful Denmark, William sets out to track down his family history. Along the way he meets a wise-beyond-her-years girl who embarks on his journey and helps him discover what he yearns to learn. Along the way, he finds out something about himself.

The Seventies (documentary)
This compelling series examines 1970s America with a focus on major political, historical, and cultural landmarks of the decade.

Echo Park (movie)
When two people from different sides of LA meet, they struggle to cross cultural and socio-economic boundaries as well as weed through their own personal challenges to make their relationship work. Set in LA's Echo Park neighborhood, this movie offers stunning skyline shots of Los Angeles.

The Layover with Anthony Bourdain (TV series)
With only 24-48 hours in a city, Anthony Bourdain takes time to kill and makes it a killer culinary time. Follow his adventures as he sets out to feed himself, learn the lay of the land, and meet the people behind the food scene along the way.

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