Sky's The Limit Snack for Kids

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Is your after school snack game a little lackluster these days? The school year is wrapping up and chances are you are out of ideas. Today I'm sharing a super cute kite-themed snack courtesy of FamilyFun magazine.

Sky’s The Limit Snack:
  • Start by cutting a slice of bread into a square, either freehand or using a cookie cutter.
  • Trim a slice of cheese to the same size, and then quarter it diagonally.
  • Place two quarters of cheese on top of the bread, as shown. (You can add a little mayonnaise, if desired.)
  • Use a sharp knife to trim a carrot stick into a thin kite tail.
  • Arrange raspberries along the sides of it.
  • Add popcorn as clouds.
How fun is that? Enjoy!

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