How To Throw The Ultimate Father's Day BBQ

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
As Father's Day approaches, we often wonder how to celebrate the day for dads. When it comes to Father's Day, I like to think outside the box. A cup of tea won’t cut it. My husband definitely favors something informal with the family, such as a BBQ. It’s fun, includes a lot of meat and a roaring grill, and it’s compulsory to have a beer while cooking, right?


Here's a simple guide to the ultimate Father's Day BBQ.

Celebrate With Extended Family
Don’t just stick with you and the children. Why not extend the invitation to grand parents, uncles, aunts, and friends? This makes for a great gathering and gives you a chance to spoil a few dads in the process. Like your own. The more people you involve in the festivities, the more fun you can have. Ask attendees to bring a food item or nominate people for different things. One person could bring the salad; someone else could bring dessert. It will make the gathering much more relaxed, and it’s less work for you to do on the day.

Plan the Menu and Indulge
The next thing to think about is the menu, including food and beverages. There are plenty of options beyond burgers. Consider steaks from places like Or perhaps get creative with kebabs. I love to create different combinations using various types of meats and vegetables. Another option is to cook fish on the grill.

Don't Let the Weather Rule the Party 
It might be difficult to enjoy yourselves if the weather isn't pleasant, but don’t let it spoil the party. BBQ cooking can be enjoyed inside and/or out. If weather is a concern, purchase a gazebo from places like Place it over you patio area to keep your guest warm and comfortable.

Incorporate Fun and Games
A BBQ with friends and family is the perfect time for dads to spend some quality time with their children, young and old. Yard games are the perfect way to do this. Depending how large your yard is, you could even rent a volleyball net or set up an obstacle course. The main goal is for everyone to have fun spending time together.

How will you celebrate Father's Day this year?

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