Friday Fresh Picks: Fun Gadgets and Gifts

Friday, June 10, 2016

TGIF!! The weekend is finally here, and I couldn't be happier. (I say that every Friday, don't I?). But it's true.  The weekends always offer a chance to refresh, relax, and gain some perspective. This weekend we were originally planning a trip to central Pennsylvania to visit my sister and her family, but our plans changed when we found out that the only day we could pick up my daughter's bunny is tomorrow in South Jersey. We'll be heading out early tomorrow morning to make the 2 hour trek to the farm and back again.

In this week's Friday Fresh Picks, I am sharing a few fun gadgets and gifts that I recently discovered.

This week I posted a video on Snapchat of the Avo Saver in action. A bunch of people snapped me back saying how cool it was and asking where I bought it. It was actually gifted to me last May when I worked on a Cinco de Mayo campaign, but you can get it here. It truly is the absolute best way to preserve half of an avocado until you are ready to eat it. It keeps it fresher for longer, is so simple to use, and costs less than $10!

These t-strap slide sandals are EVERYTHING! I haven't taken them off since I bought them. OK, maybe to sleep and to workout, but otherwise, they have been on my feet.

You'll also find this hanging terra cotta planter from CB2 on my Shop My Faves page. I ordered it a few months ago and hung it but had never planted anything in it. I was looking for a succulent that draped down the sides, but the ones I found were too big for this pot. So, I settled (for the time being) for a fern. I love how the greenery contrasts with the natural and painted terra cotta.

When I accidentally threw my favorite pizza cutter away in an empty pizza box, I was heartbroken. It was the best pizza cutter ever. This week I finally replaced it when I ordered this whimsical bike pizza cutter. It looks so fun! I can't wait for it to arrive.

I stumbled across this pouch last week while Harper and I were shopping at Old Navy. I think it's intended for holding wet bathing suits, but it really has so many uses. Makeup pouch, clutch, etc. I couldn't find the item on so I don't have a link for you, but check your local Old Navy. I found it at the front of the store by the registers with the impulse buys. Yes, I just shamelessly admitted that it was an impulse buy. ;-)

Thanks for checking out this week's Friday Fresh Picks. Swing by the rest of the FFP gals to see what they are loving this week.
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