Post-Workout Hydration and Fuel: Coconut Water & Smoothies

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I post frequently on Snapchat about my workout routine and what fuels me post-workout. I've recently gotten a lot of questions about what I like to eat and drink pre- and post-workout.

Since I workout early in the morning, I generally don't eat prior to hitting the gym. In the summer months, I arrive at the gym by 5:45 am. I'm usually not hungry immediately when I wake up. However, I definitely drink a lot of water during my workout, and post-workout, I go for something a little more substantial.

I was recently introduced to Harmless Harvest Coconut Water, and I am really loving it for post-workout hydration. I've tried different coconut waters in the past, but none have struck my fancy. Harmless Harvest is the first ever Fair-For-Life certified coconut water. It maintains its unique, 'straight from the coconut' flavor thanks to its multi-step micro-filtration process. Harmless Harvest has a longer shelf life without extra additives or preservatives, and I love it as an all-natural alternative to sports drinks and juices

I love adding Harmless Harvest Coconut Water to smoothies. Since it contains vital nutrients that occur naturally in Harmless Harvest's specific young, green coconuts, it's the perfect addition to a post-workout, nutrient dense smoothie. Not only does it work for me post-workout, but my kids are loving it too after sports practices and games. I've been looking for a source of hydration that tastes good, is all-natural, and one that is loaded with nutrients.

My mixed berry smoothie is super simple to make. I use a frozen mixed berry blend from Whole Foods, Fage Greek yogurt, and Harmless Harvest Coconut Water. If you are using fresh berries rather than frozen, throw a few ice chips into the blender to make the smoothie super cold. Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Enjoy! It's a refreshing treat any time of the day, but I especially like it after an intense workout.

For more information on how Harmless Harvest became a leader in this industry revolution, check out their recent article in INC. Magazine: 'Winning the Hyper-Competitive Coconut Water Wars'

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