Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Moms

Monday, June 13, 2016
If you have got a friend expecting their first child, I’m sure they have been asking you lots of different questions. There might be stories about the birth, feeding the baby and just general tips and advice. It is such an exciting time but can be a little scary as you have no idea what to expect. There may be a few things that you think are vital to get, but aren’t actually that useful. I know there are certain things that I thought I knew all about. Until the baby was born and then it was obvious I had no idea what I was doing! It is nice to get new gifts for friends when they become a mom for the first time. But what do you get them that will help them ease into motherhood? I think quite practically, so here are some of my thoughts.


Pretty Pajamas or Sweats
For a few weeks, your friend most likely won’t be fitting into her normal clothes. Plus she will be quite tired so might spend a lot of the time in the house. So what is better than some cute jammies to hang out in? You could get some yoga or sweat pants too, as it needs to be all about comfort in those early days. It is all about baby snuggles and resting up as much as you can. Then if anyone unexpected calls at the door, she doesn’t need to panic that she is in some old clothes that don’t fit quite right yet.

Something for the Baby
It is always a nice idea to get a little something for the baby too. You could get more practical things like diapers and wipes. You can never have too many, right? A new outfit will get the new mom excited about getting their new bundle all dressed up, though. You could even get something like a sun hat or a some bows or headbands for a baby girl. Lotions and baby bubble bath are all good options too.

Provide a Meal
As nice as it might be to get a gift card for a spa day, when will it realistically be used? So something more useful would be to take a home cooked meal over to your friend. As a new mom, it is so nice not to have to think about cooking dinner. Plus, if the meal is in the refrigerator, it can just be heated up as and when it is needed. The thought of facing the grocery store with a newborn can be quite a daunting idea too. So taking over a meal is a winner in a lot of ways.

A Gift Basket
If you can put together a little hamper of some of their favorite things, it can be such a thoughtful gift. You could include a new DVD, book or magazine, to keep mom occupied when they are feeding the baby. It could include their favorite candy, as well as some lotions and oils. If they have some time to pamper themselves, they will feel a lot better.

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