How To Simplify Your Workouts

Thursday, June 29, 2017
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When you’ve got a fitness goal to work towards, you usually want to make sure that everything you are doing works in favor of that goal. You might have a short-term goal, such as losing a certain amount of weight this week. Or maybe you are working towards an event like a wedding or a holiday, and you’re looking for some all-round fitness in the meantime. Either way, it helps if you plan out your workout sessions as well as you can, as this ensures that you get much more out of them. When you are doing so, what should you focus on?

What To Wear
It might not seem like the most important factor at first glance, but choosing what to wear to workout is one of the central issues here. You want workout wear that's both cute and functional. You don't want to get halfway into your workout to discover that your sports bra is to tight. By all means avoid the dreaded situation of experiencing chafing or tightness which causes you to be uncomfortable and to stop exercising. Go for something well-fitting but not so tight that the circulation suffers - work out capris or jogging shorts should do it. On top, consider a looser top - and think about your hair as well! The last thing you want is to be continually blowing hair out of your face, so tie it up.

Who To Go With
Many people like to go it alone, and exercise without a partner. When I go to the gym, I like to workout alone. But if I'm walking outside, I prefer to do it with a buddy. Decide what works best for you. You'll be more likely to stick with an exercise routine if you are doing what you like.

But it is worth thinking about some of the benefits of exercising with another person. When you buddy up, it adds a little competitive element to proceedings. This in turn encourages you - even if only unconsciously - to improve your workout as much as possible. Having someone else there also just makes the whole experience a little more exciting to do, and you might find it makes a huge difference. As for who you should take - it should be someone you feel perfectly comfortable around, but having a rivalry with them might not be a terrible thing!

How Long To Go For
The length of time of your workout makes a huge difference in how effective it is likely to be, and how much of a difference you will notice physically and mentally. If you have not properly exercised in a while, you might want to think about working your way back into it at a gradual pace. It is healthy to start relatively small and work your way up - but don’t be afraid to push yourself at least a little. You need to give yourself some kind of challenge if you are to really feel the benefits. Decide on your length of time, and above all make sure that you do stick to it. Be careful of exercise burn out. Too much too soon usually always leads to abandoning the whole thing in the first place. 

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