5 Issues To Resolve Before Selling Your Home

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
When your home hits the market, your number one goal is to sell as quickly as possible. By doing this, you'll avoid the nightmare scenario where a house is left for months or in some cases years on the market. It’s easy to avoid this possibility when you know how to make your home attractive to buyers. However, before you even start to consider the improvements you can make, you need to look at the problems. There are certain home issues that will immediately cause buyers to lose interest and completely avoid buying your property. Think about the problems that alert you when you visit a potential new home. You should always tackle these problems before the house goes on the market.

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1. Cramped And Cluttered
If your home looks cramped and cluttered it’s going to look far too small for potential buyers, and that’s a problem. Particularly, if you are eager to attract young couples or families . They want a property that is spacious with plenty of room for their family to thrive and grow. Even if your home is large, it can still look small if it’s packed full of furniture, and most potential buyers have a difficult time seeing beyond the clutter.

Aim for a minimalistic design. With a minimalistic design, you can carefully control the amount of furniture in each room, ensuring it looks wide and open. For instance, in the living room, you will probably only have one chair for each member of the family. An extra tip would be to consider painting the walls a bright white, shade. If you can diminish the shadows in the room, it will look absolutely stunning and the perfect place for new families to live.

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2. Damage And Destruction
Are there any damages in your home that need to be repaired? This might be as small as a chip out of the kitchen counter or as large as a hole in the roof. You’ve probably caused your fair share of wear and tear living in a property, but that doesn’t mean that a new buyer will accept it. Instead, they’ll expect you to have fixed all these issues long before you decide to put it on the market.

Remember, there will be some issues that you won’t have noticed but a home buyer certainly will. An example of this could be the roof. You might have a hole in your roof or even just a few tiles missing. A roofing company will be able to fix this for you right away. The problem is that assuming it’s not causing a more serious problem like leaking water and mold, it’s probably not bothering you. But for the buyer, it will be a different story. All they’ll see is a potential fix they’ll have to pay for, and this is certainly going to affect whether they make an offer.

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3. Nasty Smells
If you have a dog or any pet, there’s probably an odor in your home. You may not notice the smell because it’s just a natural part of your home to you, but buyers will. So, even if you think your home smells fine, you should be looking at ways to mask it.

A home air purifier can actually remove or eliminate the smell completely, leaving your home fresh and delightful. If that’s not enough, you should definitely think about adding some other scents to your home and perhaps using air fresheners. Or, you can get some natural smells by adding fresh flowers to rooms or perhaps even baking some fresh cookies for buyers. This is going to make your house smell like a home, and it will have a tremendous effect on people looking to buy.

4. Outdated Designs
It’s the age old question? Do home buyers look at style when they buy a new property? You might think that the answer is obviously no. After all, things that are related to the style of the home such as the furniture will be gone when you move out. That said, there is some evidence that buyers are swayed by a home that features all the latest modern amenities. It makes them think about the potential of the property and could certainly lead to them putting down a larger offer on your home. That’s why it might be worth thinking about modernizing your home before you put it on the market. You might find this helps you catch the interest of buyers looking for a property that’s already a dream come true.

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5. Elevate The Curb Appeal
Last but not least don’t forget about curb appeal because buyers certainly won’t. It is the first impression potential buyers have of your home and it's your first chance to reel them in. They want a house that looks stunning on the inside and the outside. You can guarantee they get this with a little work and effort into the exterior design of your property. Even just adding a few new flowers around your front garden could make all the difference.

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