Tips For Starting Your Day On The Right Foot

Monday, June 19, 2017
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It's Monday, and what better time to chat about ways to get off on the right foot the moment our feet hit the floor? We’ve all heard the expression ‘waking up on the wrong side.’ And, there’s no denying that some days, you wake up in a bad mood. You could attribute that ‘wrong side of the bed’ headspace to the events that happen just after you leave your bed. Your morning routine, rather than what side of the bed you get out of, makes every difference in how your day progresses. If you receive bad news or even stub your toe first thing, it sets the tone for the entire day. But there are other, controllable factors that can influence the way your day plays out.

No one embraces the idea of waking up early, but it’s the first step towards a successful day. When you don’t wake up until the last moment, you’re going to rush. Not only does this open you up for mistakes and mishaps, but it also means you have no time to enjoy your morning. Is it any wonder this has an adverse impact on the rest of your day?

The good news is getting up early doesn’t have to be painful. Setting your alarm an hour earlier is all it takes. To accommodate the earlier alarm, get into the habit of going to bed earlier. Then, you don’t lose out on sleep. It’s also worth ensuring you get as much sleep as possible during that time. Invest in a comfortable mattress like those mentioned at ChooseMattress to ensure you sleep soundly. It’s also worth having blackout blinds to ensure the sun doesn’t wake you before your alarm does. If you’ve been in and out of sleep for an hour before you get up, you’ll feel much worse.

One of the ways I ensure a good start to each day is to complete a task first thing in the morning. On most days it's something as simple as making the bed. I then move on to folding a load of laundry or emptying the dishwasher. Taking care of these simple yet dreaded tasks puts me on track for accomplishing bigger and more complex tasks throughout the day.

Shocking as it is, the next piece of advice is to avoid caffeine. How many of us reach for coffee straight away? In truth, though, this doesn’t do us any favors. The jolt of caffeine first thing in the morning makes your body go from calm to crazy before it’s even awake. That’s not going to end well. Even if coffee does perk you up, you’ll soon crash. Instead, stick with juices and caffeine free teas. If it helps you kick the habit, try caffeine-free coffee! It may give you a placebo effect without the damage.

It’s important that you spend some time doing something you enjoy in the morning. That way, you’ll feel much more relaxed and positive about the day ahead. You may want to spend ten or fifteen minutes reading, or listening to music or catching up on a favorite podcast. Whatever you choose to do, try to stay in a positive mindset which can see you through the day.

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