Tips To Help Ease Anxiety Over Flying

Monday, January 8, 2018
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As a species, humans were not created to be in the air. We were not blessed with sleek wings that help us to soar through the open skies, and yet we get on a giant metal airplane at any opportunity to go and seek adventures around the world. If you think about it too much, you can really freak yourself out by what you are doing. A giant, heavy metal bird is taking off at huge speed to carry you and three hundred other people to your holiday destination of choice. All of that happens with weight limits on luggage and you’re supposed to feel calm and good about it.

Technology may have raced ahead to make air travel as comprehensive as it is today, but 25% of Americans currently have a fear of flying. Being in cramped cabins, thousands of miles in the air with no control over the airplane can invite feelings of panic. It’s normal to be afraid and experience anxiety when flying. However, no one wants to be rooted to the spot.

Yes, you feel safe with your feet on the ground, but how will you ever explore if you’re not brave enough to take a step forward and grab onto your wings. Being paralyzed by fear doesn’t help anyone, but the likelihood of a plane getting into difficulty in the skies is less likely than the car that you drive every day.

Here are some tips to help you feel less anxious when flying.

1. Educate Yourself - In order to feel safe in an airplane, it's helpful to know how one works. Familiarize yourself with how a plane is designed so that you can feel comforted by those built-in safety features. The crew has refresher training every six months, which should also help you breathe easy on board!

2. Get Comfortable - Whether you choose to invest in as many upgrades as possible, or you choose to look into your ability to get support animals to accompany you on your journey, your comfort on board matters. Whether you are seated in first class or economy, be sure to have plenty to keep you comfortable (a favorite book, music, TV or movies).

3. Meet Your Crew - Having the chance to say hello to the pilots and get an idea of what the cockpit looks like can really help you to learn how a plane works. It’s comforting to see experts in the right seats, ready to get you in the air and to your destination. Once you see and meet those who will get you to your holiday safely, you can feel a sense of trust.

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You rarely see reports of accidents with airplanes because they almost never happen. It may be scary to be in the air, but as a species we have come far enough for global travel and this was cultivated by experts. Take a breath and grab your wings; don’t be held back by fear!

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