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Wednesday, January 3, 2018
I definitely used the holiday break to take a step away from work and unwind. I read, played cards, cleaned, organized, and cooked, and I watched Netflix...and lots of it! It had been a while since I was able to do some serious binge watching, and this break definitely made up for it. Here are the six shows/movies/documentaries I watched and thoroughly enjoyed.

1. MINDHUNTER - Just as I am drawn to psychological thriller fiction, I prefer the same with my TV shows. MINDHUNTER checks all the boxes for an engaging psychological thriller. The characters are compelling, and the action is unpredictable. MINDHUNTER follows the research of the FBI Behavioral Studies team in the Serial Crime Unit as they conduct interviews with serial killers in an attempt to understand the thinking behind their horrific actions. It is based on actual events that occurred in the 1970s, which makes it even more interesting.

2. The Crown - I've never really given Queen Elizabeth's long reign much of a thought until I started watching this show. The first season begins during Elizabeth's childhood when her father King George VI wore the crown. When he became ill and succumbed to lung cancer in 1953, Elizabeth ascended to the thrown and has remained there until present day. It's fascinating that her reign has lasted this long. The Crown delves deep into her family issues (her often difficult relationship with her own parents, sister, and her husband Philip) and her struggle to find her place as Queen in a time when very few, if any, women held positions of power.

3. The Endless Summer - This 1966 documentary follows two California surfers on an around-the-world search for the perfect wave. From Hawaii to Australia to South Africa and beyond, we get a glimpse into what surfers consider to be the holy grail and why it's so hard to find.

4. The Office - Whenever I am in need of a little comedic relief, I turn to The Office and the Dunder-Mifflin staff. After having spent many years in a corporate environment, I can relate all too well to many of these episodes.

5. Newtown - I remember the exact moment this story broke on the news. I was shocked and horrified. Having a first grader at the time only made this story hit home even harder. This documentary examines the aftermath of the shooting and how the affected families and the town are still struggling to recover and return to some sort of semblance of a normal life. Grab the tissues. This one is heartbreaking.

6. Under The Arctic Sky - I happened upon this documentary (which is actually another surfing documentary) accidentally and discovered that a local surfer is featured in it! How fun is that? And he happens to the uncle of my youngest daughter's best friend. Crazy, right? When I saw the name "Sam Hammer", I was like "Wait. What?" So, I knew I had to watch it. The documentary follows six surfers who travel to a remote corner of Iceland to find the perfect swell. A few days in to the trip, the worst storm in decades (and an unexpected one at that) comes in and turns their trip into a life-threatening situation.

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