4 Ways to Boost Your Budget So You Can Buy More Clothes

Sunday, April 22, 2018
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My passion for fashion grows every day. I scroll through Instagram daily looking for inspiration for your my next great outfit. As much as I love looking for ideas, it can be costly executing those ideas, and as a result, I'm always looking for ways to improve my wardrobe on a budget. There are small tweaks you can do to boost your budget so you have more disposable income to spend on clothes. You just need to find a balance between thinking outside the box and addressing the obvious. Here are four simple ideas which can get you on your way to increasing your clothes allowance:

1. Savvy Stocks
If you’re a business minded person and are looking for a savvy way to invest your money you need to look into the stock market. You could see big returns quickly if you research the best stocks to buy. Look into your favorite fashion brands and other companies to see if they might be worth your while. It’s a slightly risky, but extremely effective way to boost your budget if you do it in the right way and if fashion is a passion.

2. Shrewd Saving
Try to be a little thriftier with your hard earned cash by cutting back on your usual luxuries. Instead of forking over money for a speciality coffee from your favorite café every morning on your way to work, keep the money in your pocket and make coffee at home. After a month of honing down on these small items, you could have an extra few hundred to add to your clothing budget. By finding a balance between unnecessary spending and mindful spending, you will soon see a boost in your savings account.

3. Smart Selling
You want to save some money to buy more clothes, right? A good place to start is by selling the ones you’re not wearing and make room for the new pieces. Your closet is probably bursting with clothing  you haven’t worn in years, but they will still be worth money if they’re in good condition. Find an app or website that specializes in selling clothes online and snap a quick picture of each item of clothing. You will not only be creating more space for new clothes and accessories, but you will also be adding to your fashion funds.

4. Smooth ‘Sale-ing’
Love them or loathe them, sales are always a great place to bag a bargain. Make sure you’re in the right frame of mind when you embark on your shopping day and be prepared to sift through racks and racks of clothes. Hidden amongst the masses you will find one-off gems, which you could be saving a fortune on. Opt for quality rather than quantity when you buy sale items. You don’t want to be wasting your money on cheap clothes you’re never going to wear. Always consider the value of the item before you take the plunge and buy it.

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