Think Pink!

Monday, April 2, 2018

I'll be the first to admit that I get stuck in color ruts when it comes to what I wear. I tend to lean towards navy, beige, black, and gray. Lately I've been making an effort to inject more color into my wardrobe. Color signifies youth, and hey, we could all use a little youthfulness now and then. Right? Spring and summer lend themselves to colorful wardrobes. Since they are warmer seasons, it's easier to find clothes that are fun, colorful, and anything but drab.

Lately I've been loving vibrant pinks. It's a nice change from the ever popular blush pink, and who can deny that it's definitely more eye catching as well? Here are few of my favorite recent pink finds:

I love these tie-waist shorts for dressier occasions. They are also available in black if pink isn't your thing.

Capri Blue candles have garnered quite a cult following. They not only smell amazing, but they look super chic as well. This pink candle would make a great addition to a coffee table in a room with a neutral color palette.

If you're not convinced that pink is for you, start small. These pink tassel hoop earrings are a great way to wear the color without going overboard.

A pair of functional socks is a must for the gym. I've tried many of them, and it wasn't until I found this pair of distance socks that my socks were literally knocked off! They are super comfortable, especially for treadmill walks when I keep the incline at 10% or above.

Why keep your notes and lists on random pieces of paper and boring notepads when you can jot everything you need to know down in this brightly colored Kate Spade journal with bookmarks.

If your lips need a little plumping up, try this all-natural collagen infused lip mask to perfect your pucker.

If I had to list ten items that are a must for any woman, one would be a roomy wallet. This zip wallet (hurry, it's selling out fast) has plenty of slots for cards and cash.

I've had my eyes on a pair of Birkenstocks for years, but they always end up looking too boring. Not this pair of shocking pink Birks!

Winter can certainly do a number on your lips. Dry, chapped lips are a staple in the cold months and getting them back into shape can be a daunting task. But this pink grapefruit lip scrub exfoliates your lips to give you a smooth base for your favorite lip stick, gloss, or stain.

Trying to find the perfect mid-heel mule this season has been close to impossible. They are either flatsor have a 3"+ heel. When I found this suede block heel mule (at an incredible price, BTW), I wasted no time in adding it to my cart.

Ties and bows are the hot trend in tops this season. Take this top, for example. There's nothing spectacular about it, but once you add the tie front to the top, it immediately becomes extraordinary.


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