How To Survive Living In A Small Space With Kids

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
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Living in a small space can be difficult enough as it is. However, when you throw young kids into the mix as well, you might find that you start to slowly lose your sanity.

Your kids won’t have as much room to spread out and play as they might like, and you could end up getting in each other’s way. Not only that, though, but they could easily get in the way when you are trying to get all your chores done. A family in a very cramped space is a recipe for disaster and you could very easily end up testing each other's patience!

When the Hubs and I first started our family, we were living in a small beachfront cottage. You couldn't beat the location as we were literally steps from the Atlantic Ocean. However, as our family grew, our house became smaller and smaller. Here are some of the things we did to make a small living space seem larger and to maximize our living space.

Buy Dark-Colored Furnishings
If you lived in a larger house, your kids could have their very own nursery or playroom to play in. Sadly, you won’t have any rooms to spare in a small apartment or home, so they will have to make do with playing in the lounge. So, it’s worth buying dark-colored furnishings from, such as a sofa and an armchair. That way, you don’t have to worry about your kids attacking them with their coloring pens or messy hands!

Go Pet-Free
No matter how much you might want or your children ask for a new pet, you should wait until you are able to move into a larger home. If the apartment is only just big enough for you, your partner, and your kids, just imagine how much more cramped it would feel if you had a dog or a cat living with you too! It wouldn’t be fair to any of you, and it certainly wouldn’t be fair to the pet.

Be Ruthless When You Declutter
When you do live in a very small space, you won’t have a lot of room for storage. When you do start to amass belongings, you might have to declutter to get rid of some of your older items. However, there is no room for any sentimentality when you are decluttering. You need to be ruthless so that you don’t end up with way too much stuff. This is even the case with your children’s toys and clothes. They will grow out of these things so quickly, that you are better off throwing out the old ones rather than holding onto them. You can always see if your other mommy friends could use them for their children.

Add Some Air Fresheners
If your kids come indoors after playing outside, they could quickly fill the apartment with some very dubious odors. They might even make the place smelly if they simply refuse to shower! You should take a look on to see about getting one of their discreet scent machines. This will be able to go anywhere in your apartment and will release a fresh fragrance throughout the day, covering up any nasty odors that your kids may make!

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