5 Home Improvement Trends To Implement Now

Friday, October 26, 2018
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No matter what our age or number of children, busy moms always invest in our homes and treat them as another child who needs to be pampered and nurtured. Regardless of the size and location of the house, there are many little things we modify over time. There can be multiple reasons for home improvement such as changing trends, a new liking developed for something, or overall efficiency. No matter how many trends you follow, there are still a few you may miss. Among the crazy smart gadgets operating your home, here are some home improvement trends you will want to follow to update your home:

1. Replacing Faucets
Older homes have outdated taps and faucets in the kitchen and most bathrooms. Not only are they harder to control but also do not have the capacity to adjust to regular opening and closing. They are often loose and dysfunctional. New faucets come with an improved and narrower opening to let you control washing, pouring, rinsing and mediating water in the sink. There are hundreds of designs and kinds of faucets available for you as per current trends. You will find Peerless and Trinsic are a few examples of the new taps. This is a must-have for all the busy moms who are looking for an improved experience when washing the dishes.

2. Cleansing the Air
It's important that the air you breathe inside your home is pure and controlled. While it may be hard to control the air outside the house, it is very much possible inside. Purchase an air purifier that works perfectly within the space you are living in. Air purifier snot only clean the air but also make sure your lungs breathe fully without any issues. This is a trend that has to be adopted considering all the pollution out there.

3. Automatic Laundry Washing
Today, most single-family homes have automatic washing machines. If you have not invested in an automatic washing machine, you definitely should. They provide the most idea way of washing your clothes without being physically present. You can pop a load in and run out to do errands. With the improved technology, you will be able to save energy and water, and  have time to complete more tasks while the clothes are being washed.

4. Stand Alone Showers
While this trend has been in the know for decades, stand alone showers are still an understated bathroom remodeling trend that you should consider. A stand alone shower gives you more space in the room and is a less messier option than a traditional bathtub. There are so many sleek designs to choose from, and stand alone showers look add a modern look to your bathroom.

5. Go Green
With the increasing awareness regarding recycling and saving energy, moms also have a major part to play in saving energy consumption and reducing the family's carbon footprint. This task can be daunting, especially if you live in an older home with aging appliances. Start small. Perhaps start by replacing all the lightbulbs with energy efficient ones and slowly move on to replacing gadgets from conventional to energy-saving ones. Not only will you be saving the planet, but also a lot of money that goes into their running and maintenance.

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