Ways To Spoil Yourself On A Budget

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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There is no shame in spoiling yourself every once in a while. Especially when you have kids, you need to find time to focus on you. Forget about everything else and relax and unwind, even if it is only for a few hours. You deserve it. After all it is your life too and without a little ‘me time,’ who are you? Pampering and treating yourself doesn't need to cost a fortune. Here are some ideas when you are on a budget:

Take a nice, hot bath
Maybe get Dad to look after the kids for a few hours while you run a bath, put on some chill tunes (I have a playlist for that!), and use your best muscle relaxing bath salts and bubbles (these are my favorite). Why not dim the lights and use candles too. When was the last time you actually had a bath like this, over and above a shower? There are many health benefits to taking a long, hot bath, and not just that it gives you a bit of alone time. It lowers blood sugar and is good for the skin. So this is a great, inexpensive way for you to spoil yourself.

Indulge in sweets and cake
Make a conscious effort to inconspicuously purchase yourself a cupcake or something sweet to indulge in when you're alone. Perhaps after the kids have gone to sleep or maybe hop out early one morning to treat yourself to a latte and a chocolate croissant. You know it’s a guilty pleasure, and that makes it all that more enjoyable, especially when you're eating it secretly. You could even make your own cake. Life shouldn't always have to be about diet and exercise, without the little indulgences, what’s the point? And this sweet treat is a cheap luxury, it does not need to cost you thousands.

Buy a little bit of bling
If you have been thinking about getting a new necklace or ring for a while but the one you've got your eye on is expensive, that shouldn't discourage you from spoiling yourself. Why not try looking at some pre-owned jewelry to see if you can find a better price. I recently had a second piercing done in my earlobe, and I've been buying reasonably priced delicate earrings, and I am looking forward to a few more weeks when I can remove the starter earrings and wear something a little prettier. At the end of the day, you've been working hard, and if there is something you want that will make you feel better, why not go for it?

Get a massage
If you're feeling stressed and have been running yourself ragged with no let-up, it is time to stop and focus on you. You can't keep up the mad routine without a little indulgence, so why not treat yourself to a massage? There are so many health benefits of having a massage. First and foremost, it reduces stress and makes you feel so much more relaxed. You will simply feel all the strains of modern-day life melt away while you are on that table. It also improves your skin tone too, which is a huge bonus. Why wouldn't you want you do something that makes you look and feel better?

What are some ways you pamper yourself or take time to unwind from busy, everyday life?

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