Small Ways To Make Motherhood Easier

Monday, February 10, 2020

The hardest job in the world is that of parenting. It’s grueling, exciting, tedious, exciting, and tiring - all rolled into one. You don’t get breaks, you work around the clock, and you attend the needs of small and very demanding little humans. Yep, motherhood in a nutshell.

We know, you love your kids, you don’t need to clarify this! It is more than okay to want a break from your children while still loving the bones of them! You are a very tired, very overworked superhero, and everyone knows that mothers have it very hard. It’s for this reason that you need to do everything possible to make life easy for yourself. With our four tips below, you can make life far easier than it has been in a while and change the way you think about how you live, too!

Get Organized
Buy a calendar, a diary, and an alarm clock. Life is busy as a mother, and you will take on the mental load of the entire family - even without any intention to do so! If you have people in your life to organize, then you need to be organized first. Put a paper calendar or w dry-erase board on the wall and set your alarm to start your day half an hour before everyone else so you can prepare. You’ll be able to get up and go before everyone else.

Invest Properly In Furniture
Children are destructive, which means you need to consider the furniture (and other belongings that you have). Do you want leather sofas or fabric? Do you want to buy a dishwasher to save time and know where to get the right dishwasher parts if it breaks down. Organization is the key to a happy life as a mother, but investing in furniture and other household items that will last will stop you from pulling your hair out when something of value breaks. It’s also an excellent reason to have an emergency fund, but that’s a whole other article!

Choose Your Battles Wisely
Mothers are always right (obviously), but that doesn't mean everything should be a battle of wills. Choose the battles, and don’t fight every single one. Don’t panic about vegetables being eaten; just look for ways to hide them in the food instead. I used to nag my girls about messy bedrooms. Eventually, I realized I was only stressing myself out. Instead of repeating myslef about messes, I either ignored them or moved the mess into the personal space of the individual responsible; they soon got the message.

Stop Comparing
Comparison is the thief of joy, and social media has made us ridiculously competitive with other mothers. I know it's hard, but please stop comparing yourself to others. Just log off if you find yourself thinking that you are not good enough. There is no right way to boss it as a mother, and those who you think have it all together probably don't! Stop comparing yourself to others; as long as your children are happy and healthy, you can feel secure that you are being best mother you can.

Make your life easy: stay organized, buy the right furniture, and know you are doing a good job. Confidence, ladies, confidence!

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