What To Wear On Valentine's Day

Friday, February 7, 2020
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I'm not big into celebrating Valentine's Day, but I do love the idea of wearing something festive that isn't over the top, covered in hearts. This year, I'll be wearing this cute top, but in my search to find something fun to wear, I also found a few other red and pink items that are cute without going overboard.

1. Heart Earrings - When you don't want to wear an item of clothing that is festive for Valentine's Day, consider wearing a piece of jewelry instead. These pavé heart earrings with a drop pearl are festive enough to wear on Valentine's Day also be worn any other time of the year.

2. Velvet Clutch - This velvet clutch is the perfect luxe accessory for a romantic date on Valentine's Day or a holiday party at Christmas.

3. Red Crewneck Sweater - If a casual Valentine's Day celebration is in order, this cable knit sweater makes a perfect pair to your favorite jeans.

4. Side Cinched Top - When you are going for a dressier look that isn't a dress but is perhaps a nice pair of black pants, this vibrant top balances the dark pants nicely.

5. Tassled Loafers - I love a good statement shoe and this is definitely a shoe that makes a statement in a subtle way.

6. Heart Knot Necklace - Whether it's Valentine's Day or any other day, this sweet necklace makes a great gift for yourself or a special bestie.

7. Sheath Dress - This solid sheath dress adds simple elegance and effortless versatility to your wardrobe and to your Valentine's Day celebration.

8. Vineyard Vines T-Shirt - Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a fun tee!

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