The Books I Read in February and March

Monday, April 20, 2020

February started off strong in terms of reading, but by mid-month, I had faded a bit, and then once March came and the quarantine was ordered, I had a hard time focusing long enough to read more than a few pages at a sitting. Because of that, I've combined February and March into one post.

Now, I am back on track and plowing through the books again. But before I get too far ahead of myself, here are the books I read in February and March.

Comfort & Joy by Kristin Hannah            4.5/5 stars
There's a book donation box a few miles from my house. One afternoon I was dropping off books to donate, and I found this book at the top of a stack of books on the ground. Any book I've read by Kristin Hannah has always been a heartwarming page turner, and I thought this one wouldn't be an exception. So, I grabbed it and read. I'm so glad I happened upon this book. It was love story with a twist that I didn't see coming, although at first, I was thinking the plot was a bit unbelievable. But once the twist is revealed, it all makes sense. This is a quick read and perfect for Kristin Hannah fans.

That Month in Tuscany by Inglath Cooper         5/5 stars
This book is actually the first in a series of three, but there's no crossover in characters between the books. Each book shares the common theme of a woman who has taken a trip to escape something in her life. In this particular book, Lizzy's husband stands her up for a European trip so Lizzy decides to go by herself. While on the plane to Italy, she literally falls into the lap of an American rock star, Ren, and just happens to run into him again once they've touched down in Italy. The unlikely pair ends up bonding and becoming friends. I had never read this author before, but I really enjoyed her style of writing and this story in general. Lizzy and Ren had great chemistry, and I was constantly turning the page to see how their story ends.

Inn Over Her Head by Dixie Davis           2.5/5 stars
I never read murder/mystery series books like this one, but it was free on Amazon Kindle, so I downloaded it to give it a try. It wasn't horrible, but I don't think I'll be downloading any more books in the Dusky Cove Cozy Mysteries series (and there are a lot!) By the way, this book is book number one in the series. It was predictable - I knew from the start who the murderer was, and I knew half way through how the book would end. Having said that, if you like these fun murder/mysteries that are part of a series, this is right up your alley.

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