What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

Friday, April 3, 2020
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Since being quarantined almost 4 weeks ago, I've been spending a lot more time (WAY too much) on Pinterest. Obviously, I've been looking for recipes ideas (aren't we all?). I've also been basking in all the pretty pictures, whether they are travel pics, food pics, fashion pics, or insightful quotes. But the type of pictures I seem to be the most fascinated by are the home pictures. Maybe it's because I've been spending so much time in mine that I just want to look at everyone else's. We all want to live in beautiful, grand surroundings. But due to money and resource constraints, that isn't always possible. That's where your imagination comes in. I've come across some pictures of home features that I had no idea existed. I'm not kidding when I say there are some really far out houses out there. Here are a few of the things I might include in the dream home of my imagination.

Heated Driveway
Things can get a little chilly in the winter - especially if you live further north. And it can cause all kinds of problems when it becomes snowy and icy. Did you know you can add underground heating to your driveway? While these systems are nothing new, the concept is new to me. I had no idea that  underground heating has existed for many years. But the idea here is to keep the driveway just warm enough so that snow melts and drains away, making it easy to drive your car out in the morning. It is a godsend for people who live in areas where there is a lot of snowfall in the winter.

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A Bookshelf That Is Actually A Door
Who doesn’t want a bookshelf door? They make me think of old mystery movies. Surprisingly, it's one of the most common requests people make of interior architects. It is also insanely cool, especially if you have kids. Plus, it is not expensive. After all, a bookcase is just a piece of wood with a few more bits of wood sticking out of it - not too dissimilar from a door!

A Secret Getaway Under The Stairs
Secret getaways under the stairs follow a similar theme. But this time, you fold them up, like a studio apartment bed. Usually, you’d put a reading nook or extra bedroom behind the stairs. But you could also be boring and use it to hide your utility space.

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Hammock Ceilings
If you’re lucky enough to have a two-story room in your home, or a mezzanine, you might want to consider a hammock ceiling. The idea here is to net over a section of the two-story area with something strong enough to support your weight. Then you can get the sensations that you’re floating mid-air whenever you sit or lay on it. This looks fun, but I'm not sure how high I'd place the hammock.

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A Basement Pool With Glass Paneled Viewing Gallery
Basement pools were once reserved for the super-wealthy elite. But now many have taken to pairing them with glass walls and viewing galleries to the side, a bit like at an aquarium - only, this time, they are more accessible to everyone, even if they aren't entirely practical.

A Japanese-Style Sunken Living Room
Many years ago, the Japanese started a trend for sinking various rooms in their house down into the ground. It seems like a strange idea, but it is actually weirdly relaxing. The trend started in dining rooms but has since spread to other areas, like the living room too. You essentially dig a pit down towards the foundation, pave it over, and then insert suitable pieces of furniture.

So, do any of these wacky ideas make it into your dream home? Be honest! There’s a part of you that really wants a secret staircase, isn’t there?

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