A Girls Day

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
The girls and I embarked on our first annual holiday girls day over the weekend. We had it planned carefully (this is a must with a two year old). First, we'd have lunch at a restaurant which overlooks the Manasquan River. Afterwards, we were having manicures. And lastly, we'd end the day with some shopping. Quite honestly, a perfect day. I was excited to spend the day with Emma and Harper, and other than a possible late afternoon meltdown from Harper, I was anticipating smooth sailing.
We enjoyed our lunch at the Sand Bar in Brielle, NJ. We had a table by the windows with a fantastic view of the river. Next, it was time for our nails. We had an appointment, but it was crowded when we arrived and they were behind schedule. We had to wait but used the time to choose our polish colors. When a manicurist became available, Harper volunteered to go first. It was her very first manicure, and she was overjoyed. She was so proud of her nails that she showed everyone in the salon her fingers...long after the nails had dried!
It was now Emma's turn to have her manicure, and what happened next caught me completely off guard. When the woman came over to escort Emma to the chair, Emma grabbed me and hung on for dear life. What is the matter with this child? I was stunned. My six year old is acting as if this woman is going to take her out of the country to do her nails. The tears started streaming, and the begging me to sit right next to her started. Is she kidding me? Her two year old sister is sitting perfectly still in a chair about 25 feet away from me exhibiting behavior of a six year old, but my six year old is crying, whining and exhibiting behavior of a 2 year old.

Eventually (after about 15 minutes) Emma calmed down and sat down at the station next to mine to have her manicure. She was happy about her nails, and I decided that she won't be getting another manicure until her senior prom. All's well that end's well...even if it ends in frustration!

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