Headline: Arkansas Family Welcomes Eighteenth Child, Girl

Sunday, December 21, 2008
This headline, as seen on Yahoo!, intrigued me. So, I click the link. Eighteen kids? Seriously, who does that? It's true. A couple from Arkansas welcomed their eighteenth child this weekend. UNBELIEVABLE. She was pregnant eighteen times. Her uterus stretched eighteen times. She gave birth eighteen times. As I read the article, I can't help but to think about the two times I've gone through what she's gone through eighteen times. I'm awestruck. Only in Arkansas, people.

How is it that I am overwhelmed with two children, and she's got eighteen and admits to wanting more? Helloooooooooooo. Is anybody out there? I want to call this woman and ask her how she does it. Her oldest is 20 years old, and her youngest is a few days old. I. Can't. Even. Imagine. And I don't want to imagine. What is her day like? Does she sleep? Does she have time for herself? OK, that was a stupid question. Does she get help from family and neighbors?

I read on. She and her family have a reality TV show on TLC...called 17 and Counting. I've never seen it...never even heard of it. I've seen other shows on TLC featuring families with lots of children. But I don't think I want to watch a show about a family with eighteen children. It's downright disturbing to me. How fair is this to all of the children? What kind of time do the parents have to spend with the kids?

Obviously, I advocate procreation. But there is a time and place to draw the line. In this case, I have to consider the kids. I am sure their basic needs are being met each day, but what happens over and above their basic needs? Are there special outings and time spent with one or both parents alone? Those are the moments I live for with my daughters. I love the trips to the zoo, the aquarium, a special picnic on the beach, etc.

I guess I need to watch the show before I judge. OK, too late for that. I'll check my local TV guide to see when it's on. After I watch it, I'll post my thoughts. Until then, if you've seen it, please leave a comment for me. Thanks!


Whiney Momma said...

Where've you been? The Duggars are like a household name. I agree though, that woman is nuts. She needs to give procreation a break! They are going to take over the world!

Sheila said...

I've watched their show, and the only question I can ask is, "How is this couple so calm?" I would be a frantic freak with a to-do list the size of India. But nooooo, not these two. I just need to know how they do it. What is their secret to parenting and staying so even keeled and calm in the process?