A Terrifying Feeling

Friday, December 12, 2008
Have you every gotten that heart pounding, heart racing, blood pressure rising feeling when you've lost something? It is something of significant value whether sentimental or monetary. I know you know what I'm talking about, and I know you've had the feeling. You're on the verge on hitting the panic button.

Well, a few days ago, I had that feeling. I was sitting at my computer making my selections for a just-for-fun NFL football pool in which I participate. I reached up to touch my left ear when I realized I was missing my diamond earring. OH. MY. GOD. My husband bought me those for an anniversary gift. Losing one is not an option. I jumped out of my chair and immediately started to panic. My 6 year old, Emma, started asking me questions about the earring in an incredibly rational manner. Surely, this isn't my Emma, the Queen of Panic. I can't remember when I last touched my ears or even noticed the earring in my ear. I couldn't BEGIN to guess where the earring could have been or when it could have fallen out. It literally could have been a hundred places. Just a few float through the mind, grocery store, Starbucks, down the drain, Emma's school, my car. The list is endless.

I decided to try the bed first, after all, it was the last place I had spent a considerable amount of time. As I walked into the bedroom, I saw something silver and shiny on the floor. A wave of relief enveloped me. Could it be? It wasn't my earring, but it was the back to my earring. Great! It's a start, and I was convinced that my earring was somewhere in the house. I checked the bathroom next. I showered that morning and was thinking that perhaps it fell out while I spent hours doing my hair and makeup. (A girl's gotta look good, right?)

There on floor was my earring. I was never so happy to see something so small in my entire life. I don't care about the monetary value of these earrings (which probably depreciated 70% when my husband walked out of the jewelry store). These earrings represent the years my husband and I have been together. The good times we've shared, the children we've created, and a lifetime of memories. I was scared. Dead in my tracks scared that I had lost something so special to me.

But, in the end, I did learn something about Emma. She came through for me when I was panic stricken. She was calm and collected...something I clearly was not. She focused me. That's my girl!! Thanks, Em!

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v said...

There's always something to learn from ... even a child teaches great stuffs.