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Saturday, December 20, 2008
Why is it that when a woman becomes a mom, she thinks it gives her carte blanche to forget about her appearance? What's up with wearing sweatpants and t-shirts that look like they belong to the husband? How about fixing the hair a little? How about dashing a little pressed powder on the face? For some reason, I am very bothered by this. I know, and my husband will admit all too readily, that I spend way too much time on my appearance...even to rake leaves. I don't always spend hours, of course. What mom of two (or even one) has the time to do that? But I will not leave the house wearing sweatpants. In fact, the closest I get to sweatpants outside of the home is the bus stop which happens to be directly in front of my house. And after the bus pulls away, I run inside the house before my neighbors can catch a glimpse of my hideous outfit.

Don't get me wrong...my family is all about the "comfs" or "comfies" as we call them...sweats, fleece, pj's...anything that makes you feel all warm and comfy. But the baggy sweatpants and big old tees need to remain in the husband's closet. If you must wear comfs out of the house, there are many stylish options.
  1. Yoga pants...very cute and people might actually think you just came from a yoga class.
  2. Victoria's Secret Pink sweats...super cute and people will think you're 25.
  3. Juicy Couture tracksuits...a bit pricey but again people will think you're 25.

Remember, a little effort goes a long way, and isn't it worth it to be a yummy mummy?

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