To Be Green or Not To Be?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
It seems as if everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon...politicians, celebrities, athletes, fashionistas. I like to consider myself somewhat green. I do my (small) part to keep this earth a bit healthier. I recycle and use canvas bags when shopping. But being green means doing so much more than that. I recently hit the Web to research some of the ways that I can be green in my home as I do my day to day chores. Here are a few baby steps that I am taking.
  1. Make the switch to chemical-free cleaners. My general rule of thumb is this, "Can't spell it, can't say it, won't use it". Non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners are ideal for any household with children. So, if you're not prioritizing the environment at least prioritize the health of your children. "Green" cleaners aren't cost-effective, you say? Try your own concoction of vinegar, baking soda and water. It is just as effective, and I'll bet you've got those ingredients in your cabinets.
  2. Use canvas shopping bags. Not only are those ugly plastic bags deadly for the environment (they remain in landfills for almost 1000 years), but they are also a safety hazard in your home. They can cause suffocation in children and pets. Get rid of them. Invest in a few stylish canvas bags. Most cost about $2, and you'll look so fashionable carry canvas rather than plastic.
  3. Recycle, recycle, recycle. Most communities make it incredibly simple for you to recycle. They pick it up curbside, and most centers allow you to co-mingle plastics, glass and aluminum as well as newspapers, magazines and cardboard. Here's a challenge: recycle the above items for one week and notice how little trash you have.
  4. Conserve water. Be aware of the many ways you use water on a daily basis. Turn it off while you brush your teeth. Install water-efficient shower heads and use cold water to do laundry.

These suggestions are just a few to start. Implement them over time. It's not practical for a busy modern day mom to aim to make the switch in one day. Let's be real.

Just remember that even a small step is one step closer to a cleaner, healthier earth.

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