The house

Thursday, February 5, 2009
Relatives bought this house for the girls for Christmas. At first I thought it was one of those pop-up things that is impossible to pop down and fold into the position in which it came. When I realized it wasn't one of those, my next thought was it's an inflatable house which inevitably, after about 2 hours of play, gets a hole in it and deflates, which, in turn, is followed by 15 minutes of non-stop crying. Actually, it inflates and remains inflated by an electric powered motor. It's provided the girls with hours of fun. They take blankets, pillows and stuffed animals into it. They watch movies on their portable DVD player, and I don't see them for hours!! They absolutely love it! So, thank you, Geoff and Patti for such a wonderful gift!


Anonymous said...

My new home complete with two adorable little girls.

Katie said...

I didn't even realize they made blow up houses! How nice that you could in theory take it up and down. Not that they'll ever let you take it down. Also nice that it's inside, we have a plastic cottage but it's strictly an outdoor toy. She LOVES it too, and I love it because it doesn't make any noise or have any blinking lights AND it stimulates her imagination.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! The girls look like they love it!! It is so much fun to see pictures of them!! xo