Out of this Youniverse

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
I've stumbled across a Web site called Youniverse.com. It's very cool. It's chock full of those fun quizzes that I just love. What's so different and creative about these quizzes is that you answer the question by choosing a picture that best represents your answer.

The first quiz I took was called "Art Attack!: What kind of creative are you?". I was a "Happy Dabbler". Not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that I am off the charts creatively. In actuality, the "Happy Dabbler" is spot on. I don't devote my life to creativity, but I do dabble in it when time allows.

I also took the Quiz of the week titled "In 2009 I'll be..." Click here to see my results. http://youniverse.com/newyears/feedback/119cdfca2c08bb5c53f2c6fb4b4b88b3

I have no plans to live my life based on the results of the quizzes. If nothing else, it's random fun!

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