Vintage Magazines

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
While cleaning out my parents house last week, I came across these magazines. They are classics. They belonged to my paternal grandmother who passed away in 1985. My father kept most of her belongings (except for her clothes) long after she passed away, and I'm so glad that he did.

The magazines are fashion and crochet magazines. The crochet magazines were published in 1915, and the fashion magazine, The Delineator, is dated March 1893. 1893! Can you believe it? What amazes me even more than the dates is that my father never threw the magazines away. I'm guessing he never knew they existed. They were in a storage box under the bed, and I don't think he ever knew they were there. My lucky find!

Take a look...
Front cover of the crochet magazine

Masthead of the crochet magazine

A sample page from the crochet magazine
Another crochet magazine. This one is specifically for boudoir caps.
A sample page from the boudoir cap magazine

The Delineator, a fashion magazine from March 1893

A sample page from The Delineator

Definitely keepers!

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