A Handmade Purse

Friday, February 20, 2009
Well, sort of. I'm taking baby steps to making more items for the girls. Here is one of my first projects - a felt coin purse for Emma. OK, I seriously cheated on this one. I bought the coin purse and the felt flower. I sewed the flower onto the coin purse. Yes, I know, that's totally cheating. But as I said, I'm taking baby steps. I'm trying.
Here is the purse.
Here is the flower.
Here are the purse and the flower.

And here is the final product - purse with the flower.

My next baby step will be to actually sew the flower and possibly the purse. Remember...baby steps. I think sewing the flower will be easier than sewing the purse. The purse isn't the difficult part. It's sewing the zipper that scares me.
Anyway, it's a perfect place for a six year old to keep her money and lip gloss, and I'm thinking it would make a perfect gift for a little girl...filled, of course!


Katie said...

It's totally NOT cheating, it's just a shortcut!

Sheila said...

Thanks, Katie! I feel so much better knowing that I opted for a shortcut!

Anonymous said...

Sheil your purse is really cute. I'm sure in the process of perfecting your creation, you'll have many changes, re-do's, shortcuts, moment's you'll want to give up, but perseverance will pay off. I hope to have one of your original creations someday.