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Friday, February 27, 2009
Today’s posts feature my sister-in-law, Susan (aka Pootsie), and my sister, Brenda, both of whom are avid readers and commentors of Pieces Of Me. My approach to Say It Forward was to devise and list of questions for the commentors in an effort to get their opinions of and reactions to my blog.

Susan is Henry’s sister. She currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Steve and children, Rory and Austin. Susan is an early childhood special education teacher and college instructor. She enjoys crocheting, reading, gardening, and baking. She really loves her work and spends lots of time reading journals and working on special projects related to early childhood and early childhood special education. She’s been an invaluable resource for me by providing me with guidance and tips for dealing with difficult parenting situations.
Susan is pictured here (second from left) with her daughter Rory, son Austin, and husband Steven. A happy family, indeed!

Here's what Susan has to say about Pieces Of Me:

Sheila: When I first emailed you and asked that you take a look at Pieces Of Me, what were your initial thoughts? Oh, great! Not her again. I don’t have time for this nonsense! Or Wow! Something new to read. I can’t wait to dig in! Or just plain old indifference?
Susan: I actually had not ever read a blog so I wasn’t sure what to expect!

Sh: One of the primary reasons I started Pieces Of Me was to keep relatives informed of our goings on. Do you feel closer to our family by reading our daily adventures? Do you feel as if you are part of our experiences?
Su: YES!!! I log on daily…and really missed you when you were out of touch over the long President’s Day Weekend.

Sh: What have you learned about me, the author, after having followed Pieces Of Me for two months?
Su: I learned more about you as a person, a wife and a mom. You are very creative and have a wide variety of interests. You are a great writer and a talented photographer! I also think we have a lot more in common than I realized!

Sh: In terms of features and content, what would you like to see more of? Less of? Is there a particular kind of post that you would like to be a regular (weekly) feature?
Su: There are so many pieces that have been helpful to me in a variety of ways…this is a tough one! Family wise…I just LOVE knowing what you guys are up to…what is happening in your lives, etc. Professionally, it has been helpful to me to get an idea of what is available to families via the Internet…and what resources families are using. Parenting today is SO different than it was when our kids were little! I really appreciate you getting me up to date on what is out there so I don’t look like a total dinosaur when I talk to parents! How about weekly pix of the kids?

Sh: What attracts you to read Pieces Of Me consistently? How often do you check-in? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?
Su: The strongest pull originally was to be closer to what is going on with all of you. However, I love your blogs. Your writing style is great…you are funny…and have so much good information to share!

Sh: How would you feel if I told you tomorrow that I have decided to discontinue writing Pieces Of Me? Please explain.
Su: I would be totally bummed. I feel closer to all of you and your blog is very entertaining!! You are on my home page as a favorite.

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