Lists to live by

Monday, February 9, 2009
Yes. I am a list-maker. I have a list for everything. And, if an item isn't on a list, I will forget it...especially the grocery list. I would NOT, repeat NOT, be able to function without my lists. Daily to-dos, weekly to-dos, monthly to-dos, even yearly to-dos, grocery list, fix-it list, what the girls need list, blog list, craft list, baking list, cooking list, reading list. You name it, I probably have a list for it.
I like to keep my lists organized and in a central place. Here is one of my list journals.Pretty, isn't it?
And here you can see how serious my to-do lists can get.
This is mildly color-coded. And many of my lists are entered in spreadsheet form. Yes, I know crazy. But it's how I function. The only way I function.

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Anonymous said...

Love those lists. It's such a feeling of accomplishment. Most of my lists are mental, but I don't have a family to keep up with. I can usually afford to miss something on the list and it not be a crisis.