Anger management

Thursday, December 17, 2009
As parents, I think we've all had our fair share of occasional blowups. It's what happens. We are human, after all. One such blowup occurred for me today. I was sitting at the dining room table trying to finish the last few Christmas cards when I heard a series of crashes and glass breaking. Uh-oh! Or it was more like UH-OH. All this crashing was preceded by, of course, running around the house. We all know that can never be good. Never ends well.

As it turned out, Emma slipped and collided with a console table which was home to my snowmen collection. :( Let me begin by saying that I LOVE my snowmen collection. Some have been given to me by my daughters, sisters, husband and mother-in-law. I hold each and every one of them near and dear. Two had fallen and broke into pieces. {Sniffle, Sniffle} I admit that I became angry and started freaking out. Now hours later, I know that it was silly and unnecessary. In the whole scheme of things, those snowmen are just snowmen. But Emma is my daughter, and I know that my tone of voice, if not my words, hurt her.

She doesn't see me react like that very often. I'm usually very calm and composed...even under such circumstances. I try to exercise patience and discretion. But in this case, I did not. I'm not sure why. Well, maybe I do. I'm busy. I've got a lot to do or that I want to do before Christmas. I don't need to be cleaning up a mess of shards of glass, my former snowmen.

Now, after several hours, I know that it's all so small. Small stuff. My daughter is much bigger than a snowman, a little object that is easily replaced. But Emma? Not small and not easily replaced. I'll think twice before I react like that again.

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