The impatient child

Sunday, December 6, 2009
Each Friday Emma comes home from school with a weekly report detailing her academic progress and social behavior. Possible status' are Fair, Good or Great. Emma had Greats every week last year with the exception of 2...she had to repeatedly be asked to stop talking with a friend. This year, once again, she's received Greats every week.

However, on Friday, there was a notation on the status report. Here's what it said:
"I'd like to see Emma be more patient with her peers. She's quick to accuse. Her work is wonderful. She got a 100% on her unit test for Math."

Yes, I'm well aware that my daughter doesn't always display the utmost patience. In fact, she has little tolerance for incompetence. She's a perfectionist and has high standards. She's disappointed when both she and others don't meet those expectations. I'm ashamed to admit that she gets those traits from her parents. The impatience is definitely inherited from my husband, and the perfectionism is from me.

I've spent the weekend pondering the whole situation, and seriously, there are worse traits she could be exhibiting. But still, we need to address this with her before she begins alienating her friends. And she prides herself on having a good group of friends and being a frequent play date host. So, losing friends would almost be the end of the world for her.

I've signed the status report, and I've asked her teacher to expand a bit more on her behavior. It's difficult for me to address this with her when I have no point of reference. I have no examples to cite. We have discussed it with her, and she knows that this type of behavior will drive her friends away. She doesn't want that, she tell us. I think that's about all the motivation she needs to change her ways.

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