No respect for volunteers

Monday, December 14, 2009
Over the weekend I volunteered at the holiday fair at my daughter's school. The PTO holds the fair each December, and each year the theme changes. This year's theme was Gifts From the Heart...crafts and small handmade gifts. Really cute. There is also a holiday shop that sells inexpensive gifts that the children can buy for family and friends.

This fair wouldn't be possible without the generosity of about 45 volunteers. It just wouldn't happen. Period. Lots of busy parents volunteering their precious time during a very busy time of year. For the most part, everyone appreciates the fact that people give their time for the children. But occasionally, I come across a person who just doesn't get it. This happened on Saturday while I worked in the holiday shop.

A woman approached the register and started complaining about the fact that we had only one register and she had to wait in line for 10 minutes.

Are you kidding me, lady? It took every ounce of energy I had to restrain myself. Some people are so ignorant. We weren't being paid for working at the fair. Most of us could have or should have been shopping, wrapping, baking or decorating. But instead, we chose to take time out of our already jam packed schedules to do something for the kids. For zero monetary compensation.

But she didn't realize that. Of course not. She was too rude to recognize the value of the volunteers. The nerve of some people...

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