R.I.P., Hermie and Crabby

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
A few weeks ago as I was opening up the hermit crab cage to wet their sponge, I noticed that Harper's hermit crab looked different. He was hanging out of his shell in a way that I've never before seen. Sure enough, when I picked him up, his lifeless body fell completely out of his shell.

I knew the time was coming. In fact, if you remember, I posted about it here. They typically only last about 6 months in captivity and we were going on close to 18 months. And then there was one. Emma's hermit crab was the lone survivor.

Until Christmas Eve, when I found another lifeless hermit crab in the cage. They both took the news of their respective hermit crabs remarkably well. No tears. No kicking and screaming for replacement crabs.

Sad? Not really. They both know that their "aunt" Colette will indulge them in August by buying them brand spanking new hermit crabs during our family vacation to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

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ladybug15057 said...

I am sorry to hear of the loss. Apparently the soft abdomen also feel out so the hermie did not molt? (they look very dead when they do) But hermit crabs can live for decades if provided for properly. We have had ours now for 9+ years that somebody brought back as souvenirs. Please read the Crab Street Journal for the criteria hermit crabs need to survive and thrive by while living in captivity. They do need a pond of water so they can climb in with ease and fill their shells with water or soak if they want/need to.